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Your In House Counsel

Rouch Lawyers innovative solution for clients needing regular access to lawyers.

An experienced lawyer can attend the client's office at agreed intervals. E.g. 1 day a week, 1 day a month, etc, to work as your In House Counsel at a fixed price.

Your In House Counsel will also be available to you by email and telephone at all other times.

Your In House Counsel will be responsible for handling all your legal requirements and can alleviate business owners and managers concerns with; Major Transactions, Special Projects, Board Meetings, Risk Minimisation, Corporate Governance and Litigation.

Your In House Counsel can provide a more commercial approach to legal issues but also have access to our full legal practice services or interface between the business and its external advisors. Your In House Counsel can negotiate and brief your own choice of external legal advisors or find the specialist lawyer best suited to your matter and manage that matter for you. Your In House Counsel can rapidly develop an intimate and detailed understanding of your business and cater more specifically for your particular business needs, with greater efficiency.

Rouch Lawyers provides Your In House Counsel service for a fixed amount per month which is agreed in advance.

The benefits to you are;

  • An experienced in-house lawyer for a fixed fee,
  • Flexibility and availability,
  • Rouch Lawyers Support, administration, precedents, professional indemnity insurance, library, laptop with internet access and mobile phone.

Enquiries should be directed to Colin Rouch, Principal, Rouch Lawyers on; (03) 9499 3854 or



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